SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Marian Montgomery, Ray Bellisario, Arthur Ashe, Terry-Thomas, Pentangle06/19/197110:30 pmBBC1UK6
Shelley Winters, Pierre Salinger, Marion Montgomery06/26/197110:30 pmBBC1UK4
Art Buchwald, Peter Finch, Polly Toynbee, Marian Montgomery, Ralph McTell, The Coffee Set07/03/197110:55 pmBBC1UK
Peter Ustinov, Marion Montgomery07/10/197110:25 pmBBC1UK
1Lennon, Ono, Melly, Littleton, Goodman07/17/1971UK3
George Best, Jonathan Miller, Michael Caine, Marion Montgomery07/24/197110:35 pmBBC1UK
Milligan, Shaw, Starr08/14/197111:10 pmBBC1UK5
Episode dated 4 September 197109/04/197111:20 pmBBC1UK4
Episode dated 11 September 197109/11/1971UK1
Episode dated 25 September 197109/25/1971UK1
Episode dated 3 October 197110/03/1971UK1
1Episode #1.1210/10/1971UK2
1TV10/17/197111:00 pmBBC1UK21
1Episode #1.1410/24/1971UK4
1Episode #1.1711/14/1971UK1
1Episode #1.2112/12/1971UK2
2Episode #2.206/10/1972UK1
2Episode #2.507/01/1972UK5
2Episode #2.607/08/1972UK2
2Episode #2.807/22/1972UK2
Episode dated 5 August 197208/05/1972UK2
Episode dated 19 August 197208/19/1972UK2
Episode09/23/197211:10 pmBBC1UK2
David Niven10/14/197211:05 pmBBC1UK22
2Episode #2.1810/28/197211:15 pmBBC1UK5
2Episode #2.1911/04/197211:15 pmBBC1UK5
2Episode #2.2011/11/197211:30 pmBBC1UK42
2Episode #2.2111/18/197211:20 pmBBC1UK55
2Jack Lemmon11/25/197211:10 pmBBC1UK2
Willimas, Muir, Campbell12/02/1972UK3
2Episode #2.2512/16/1972UK3
2Episode #2.2612/23/1972UK2
Episode dated 10 February 197302/10/197311:15 pmBBC1UK4
Betjemen, Smith, Williams02/17/197311:05 pmBBC1UK33
Duke Ellington02/24/197311:10 pmBBC1UK2
Williams, Reid03/10/197311:05 pmBBC1UK2
James Stewart03/17/197311:05 pmBBC1UK2
Thorpe, Day, Vaughan, Montgomery03/24/197311:05 pmBBC1UK5
3Episode #3.409/29/1973UK2
3Episode #3.911/03/1973UK2
3Episode #3.1111/17/1973UK2
3Episode #3.1412/08/1973UK2
Andy Williams12/15/197311:05 pmBBC1UK2
Episode #3.16 (No Episode?)12/29/1973UK2
3Episode #3.1701/18/1974 9:00 pmBBC2UK2
3Episode #3.1801/25/1974 9:00 pmBBC2UK4
John Wayne02/01/1974 9:00 pmBBC2UK2
3Episode #3.2302/22/1974UK2
Edith Evans, Lord Soper03/02/197411:15 pmBBC1UK
4Episode #4.910/19/1974UK
Bainbridge, Twiggy, Rueber-Staier, Dawson11/16/1974UK52
Ali12/07/197411:10 pmBBC1UK2
4Williams, Pyke12/21/1974UK3
4A Christmas Look at Morecambe and Wise12/25/197411:25 pmBBC1UK3
4Episode #4.2803/08/1975UK
Episode #5.108/30/1975UK2
Fonteyn, MacLaine09/13/197511:00 pmBBC1UK3
David Niven09/20/1975UK22
Episode #5.610/04/1975UK2
Bette Davis, Ron Moody10/18/1975UK32
Episode #5.1011/01/1975UK2
Episode #5.1211/15/1975UK2
Hunt, Simon, Askey12/13/197511:35 pmBBC1UK42
Episode dated 25 December 197512/25/1975UK2
Episode #5.2101/24/1976UK2
Episode #5.2302/07/1976UK3
Episode #5.2402/14/1976UK2
Joyce Grenfell09/11/197611:20 pmBBC1UK2
Episode #6.309/18/1976UK3
Episode #6.710/16/197611:45 pmBBC1UK3
Les Dawson10/30/1976UK22
Sacha Distel, Juliette Greco11/20/197611:00 pmBBC1UK3
The Parkinson Magic Show12/25/197611:00 pmBBC1UK3
Episode dated 8 January 197701/08/1977UK4
Episode dated 15 January 197701/15/1977UK4
Alex Haley, Rod Hull04/07/1977UK3
Dors, Morris, Williams10/08/1977UK3
Episode #7.1011/05/1977UK3
Episode #7.1311/26/197711:05 pmBBC1UK2
Episode #7.1612/17/1977UK2
Episode #7.1801/02/197810:45 pmBBC1UK2
Episode dated 29 May 197805/29/1978UK10
Johnson, Howerd09/02/197811:10 pmBBC1UK3
Nimmo, Lerner, Matthews09/09/197811:10 pmBBC1UK3
Cook, Moore, Conteh09/16/197811:15 pmBBC1UK44
Mathis, Allen, Hocken09/23/197811:15 pmBBC1UK3
Episode #8.509/30/197811:00 pmBBC1UK4
Episode #8.1412/02/1978UK4
Parkinson at the Pantomime12/25/1978UK11
Episode dated 16 April 197904/16/1979UK3
Carol Channing09/29/197911:15 pmBBC1UK2
Desmond Morris, Kenny Everett, Laurie McMenemy10/06/197911:25 pmBBC1UK4
Chase, Keegan, Williams10/13/197911:00 pmBBC1UK3
Episode #9.1811/21/1979UK1
Joanna Lumley, David Bellamy, Charlie Daniels Band, Frank Muir, Denis Norden12/08/197911:00 pmBBC1UK7
William Shatner, James Burke, Max Boyce12/12/197911:12 pmBBC1UK42
Faith Brown, Tom Conti, Ben Travers12/15/197911:30 pmBBC1UK4
Reginald Bosanquet, Pamela Stephenson, Manhattan Transfer, Jimmy Tarbuck12/19/197910:15 pmBBC1UK5
Ronnie Ross, Laurie Lee, James Galway12/22/197910:40 pmBBC1UK
George Melly, Percy Press, Bramwell-Booth, Paul Phoenix, Peter Cook, Edna Everage, Tommy Cooper12/25/197910:45 pmBBC1UK
Episode #9.2912/29/1979UK3
Pertwee, Collins, Thomas02/16/1980UK44
Episode #9.4903/15/1980UK2
1Cruise at Your Own Risk04/08/1980UK2
Episode dated 20 September 198009/20/1980UK4
Episode09/27/198011:05 pmBBC1UK4
Ray, Williams, Lehrer10/04/1980UK44
Episode dated 22 October 198010/22/1980UK3
Episode #10.2801/01/1981UK3
Episode #10.3201/17/1981UK33
Jeanne Little01/21/198110:45 pmBBC1UK2
300th Edition02/28/1981UK3
Episode #10.4503/07/1981UK55
Episode #11.110/03/1981UK2
Episode10/14/198110:50 pmBBC1UK33
Episode #11.710/24/1981UK3
Episode #11.1111/11/1981UK2
Episode #11.1211/14/1981UK3
Episode #11.1311/18/1981UK1
Episode #11.1812/05/1981UK2
Episode #11.2501/09/1982UK3
Episode #11.3101/30/1982UK2
Episode #11.3502/13/1982UK2
Episode #11.3602/17/1982UK2
Episode #11.3702/20/1982UK4
Lord Kilbracken, Leo Sayer, Jenny Agutter03/03/198210:15 pmBBC1UK4
Episode #11.4103/06/1982UK4
Episode #11.4203/10/1982UK2
4On a Bed of Harts09/28/1982UK
4With This Hart, I Thee Wed10/12/1982UK
4Million Dollar Harts10/19/1982UK
4Harts on Campus10/26/1982UK
4Harts at High Noon11/09/1982UK
4Hart's Desire11/16/1982UK
4Rich and Hartless11/23/1982UK
4In the Hart of the Night11/30/1982UK
4One Hart Too Many12/07/1982UK
4A Christmas Hart12/21/1982UK
4Hunted Harts01/04/1983UK
4Emily by Hart01/11/1983UK
4Pounding Harts01/18/1983UK
4Chamber of Lost Harts02/01/1983UK
4Harts on the Scent02/15/1983UK
4Bahama Bound Harts02/22/1983UK
4As the Hart Turns03/01/1983UK
4The Wayward Hart03/08/1983UK
4A Change of Hart03/22/1983UK
4Too Close to Hart05/03/1983UK
4A Lighter Hart05/10/1983UK
10Two Harts Are Better Than One09/27/1983UK
10Straight Through the Hart10/04/1983UK
10Hostage Harts10/18/1983UK
10Pandora Has Wings10/25/1983UK
10Harts and Hounds11/01/1983UK
10Love Game11/08/1983UK
10Passing Chance11/15/1983UK
10Long Lost Love11/22/1983UK
10Highland Fling11/29/1983UK
10Year of the Dog12/13/1983UK
10Trust Your Hart12/20/1983UK
10Harts on the Run01/03/1984UK
10Whispers in the Wings01/10/1984UK
10Max's Waltz01/17/1984UK
10The Dog Who Knew Too Much01/24/1984UK
10Silent Dance01/31/1984UK
10Death Dig02/21/1984UK
10The Shooting02/28/1984UK
10Slam Dunk03/06/1984UK
10Larsen's Last Jump03/13/1984UK
10Always, Elizabeth05/15/1984UK
10Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch05/22/1984UK
Episode dated 9 January 199801/09/1998UK4
Episode dated 23 January 199801/23/1998UK3
Episode dated 30 January 199801/30/1998UK3
Episode dated 6 February 199802/06/1998UK2
Episode dated 5 December 199812/05/1998UK2
13Episode #13.101/08/1999UK
Episode dated 29 January 199901/29/1999UK2
Episode dated 5 February 199902/05/1999UK3
Episode dated 19 February 199902/19/1999UK2
Episode dated 26 February 199902/26/1999UK4
Episode dated 26 March 199903/26/1999UK2
13Woody Allen04/02/1999UK22
Episode dated 3 December 199912/03/1999UK3
Episode dated 10 December 199912/10/1999UK2
Episode dated 17 December 199912/17/1999UK3
Episode dated 27 January 200001/27/2000UK1
Episode dated 4 February 200002/04/2000UK3
Episode dated 11 February 200002/11/2000UK5
Episode dated 18 February 200002/18/2000UK3
Episode dated 25 February 200002/25/2000UK3
Episode dated 4 March 200003/04/2000UK4
Kate Winslet, Jimmy Tarbuck, Harry Connick03/10/2000UK31
Episode dated 11 March 200003/11/2000UK4
Episode dated 24 March 200003/24/2000UK2
Episode dated 8 September 200009/08/2000UK6
Episode dated 15 September 200009/15/2000UK4
Episode dated 22 September 200009/22/2000UK2
Episode dated 29 September 200009/29/2000UK3
Episode dated 7 October 200010/07/2000UK3
Episode dated 21 October 200010/21/2000UK3
Episode dated 28 October 200010/28/2000UK2
Episode dated 4 November 200011/04/2000UK4
Episode dated 17 February 200102/17/2001UK4
Episode dated 24 February 200102/24/2001UK4
Esther Rantzen, Ardal O'Hanlon, Amanda Donohoe03/03/2001UK44
Episode dated 10 March 200103/10/2001UK2
Episode dated 17 March 200103/17/2001UK4
Episode dated 24 March 200103/24/2001UK3
Episode dated 31 March 200103/31/2001UK3
Episode dated 7 April 200104/07/2001UK4
Hurt, Jonsson, McGowan04/13/2001UK3
Episode dated 21 April 200104/21/2001UK3
Episode dated 22 September 200109/22/2001UK3
Episode dated 29 September 200109/29/2001UK2
Episode dated 6 October 200110/06/2001UK2
Episode dated 13 October 200110/13/2001UK4
Episode dated 20 October 200110/20/2001UK6
Cher, Larry Hagman, Stephen Fry10/27/2001UK43
Coltrane, Elton, Jackson, Krall11/17/2001UK4
Lopez, McCutcheon, Wogan11/24/2001UK3
Episode dated 1 December 200112/01/2001UK4
Episode dated 24 December 200112/24/2001UK4
Blanchett, Crowe, Minogue, Monkhouse02/23/2002UK4
Episode dated 2 March 200203/02/2002UK2
Episode dated 9 March 200203/09/2002UK4
Episode dated 25 March 200203/25/2002UK3
Episode dated 13 April 200204/13/2002UK6
Episode dated 20 April 200204/20/2002UK4
Episode dated 27 April 200204/27/2002UK4
Episode dated 4 May 200205/04/2002UK4
Episode dated 18 May 200205/18/2002UK3
Episode dated 21 September 200209/21/2002UK3
Episode dated 28 September 200209/28/2002UK3
Episode dated 12 October 200210/12/2002UK3
Episode dated 19 October 200210/19/2002UK4
Lawson, Izzard, Attenborough10/26/2002UK41
Episode dated 9 November 200211/09/2002UK4
Episode dated 16 November 200211/16/2002UK2
Episode dated 23 November 200211/23/2002UK1
Episode dated 24 December 200212/24/2002UK7
Episode dated 1 March 200303/01/2003UK5
Episode dated 15 March 200303/15/2003UK4
Episode dated 29 March 200303/29/2003UK4
Episode dated 5 April 200304/05/2003UK2
Episode dated 12 April 200304/12/2003UK4
Episode dated 19 April 200304/19/2003UK3
Episode dated 26 April 200304/26/2003UK4
Episode dated 3 May 200305/03/2003UK5
Mirren, Lennox, Black, Brand09/20/2003UK41
Episode dated 27 September 200309/27/2003UK4
Episode dated 4 October 200310/04/2003UK51
Episode dated 11 October 200310/11/2003UK5
Episode dated 18 October 200310/18/2003UK7
Episode dated 25 October 200310/25/2003UK5
Palin, Pavarotti, Stewart, Thompson11/01/2003UK4
Episode dated 15 November 200311/15/2003UK4
Episode dated 22 November 200311/22/2003UK4
Episode dated 29 November 200311/29/2003UK3
Episode dated 21 February 200402/21/2004UK4
Episode dated 28 February 200402/28/2004UK3
Episode dated 6 March 200403/06/2004UK3
Episode dated 13 March 200403/13/2004UK3
Episode dated 27 March 200403/27/2004UK3
Episode dated 3 April 200404/03/2004UK5
Episode dated 10 April 200404/10/2004UK3
Episode dated 17 April 200404/17/2004UK3
Episode dated 24 April 200404/24/2004UK2
Episode dated 8 May 200405/08/2004UK3
Episode dated 4 September 200409/04/2004UK3
Episode dated 11 September 200409/11/2004UK4
Episode dated 18 September 200409/18/2004UK6
Episode dated 25 September 200409/25/2004UK8
Episode dated 2 October 200410/02/2004UK4
Episode dated 9 October 200410/09/2004UK3
Episode dated 16 October 200410/16/2004UK3
Episode dated 23 October 200410/23/2004UK4
Episode dated 30 October 200410/30/2004UK4
Episode dated 6 November 200411/06/2004UK4
Episode dated 25 December 200412/25/2004UK3
Episode dated 12 February 200502/12/2005UK3
Episode dated 19 February 200502/19/2005UK3
Episode dated 26 February 200502/26/2005UK3
Episode dated 5 March 200503/05/2005UK4
Episode dated 12 March 200503/12/2005UK4
Episode dated 19 March 200503/19/2005UK3
Episode dated 26 March 200503/26/2005UK3
Episode dated 2 April 200504/02/2005UK5
Episode dated 9 April 200504/09/2005UK3
Episode dated 8 October 200510/08/2005UK4
Episode dated 15 October 200510/15/2005UK4
Episode dated 22 October 200510/22/2005UK4
Episode dated 29 October 200510/29/2005UK3
Episode dated 5 November 200511/05/2005UK4
Episode dated 12 November 200511/12/2005UK2
Episode dated 19 November 200511/19/2005UK4
Episode dated 26 November 200511/26/2005UK4
Episode dated 10 December 200512/10/2005UK3
Episode dated 17 December 200512/17/2005UK3
Episode dated 24 December 200512/24/2005UK5
Episode dated 4 March 200603/04/2006UK2
Episode dated 11 March 200603/11/2006UK4
Episode dated 18 March 200603/18/2006UK4
Episode dated 25 March 200603/25/2006UK4
Episode dated 1 April 200604/01/2006UK5
Episode dated 8 April 200604/08/2006UK4
Episode dated 15 April 200604/15/2006UK4
Episode dated 22 April 200604/22/2006UK4
Episode dated 27 August 200608/27/2006UK5
Episode dated 16 September 200609/16/2006UK5
Mirren, Woodall, Constantine, Humphries09/23/2006UK42
Episode dated 30 September 200609/30/2006UK4
Episode dated 7 October 200610/07/2006UK4
Episode dated 21 October 200610/21/2006UK4
Episode dated 28 October 200610/28/2006UK5
Episode dated 4 November 200611/04/2006UK4
Episode dated 11 November 200611/11/2006UK3
Episode dated 18 November 200611/18/2006UK3
Episode dated 25 November 200611/25/2006UK4
Episode dated 2 December 200612/02/2006UK5
Episode dated 16 December 200612/16/2006UK4
Episode dated 23 December 200612/23/2006UK4
The Shane Warne Interview01/08/2007UK1
Episode dated 5 May 200705/05/2007UK5
Episode #26.205/12/2007UK5
Episode #26.305/19/2007UK4
Episode dated 2 June 200706/02/2007UK2
Episode dated 9 June 200706/09/2007UK4
Episode dated 16 June 200706/16/2007UK5
Episode dated 23 June 200706/23/2007UK4
Episode dated 15 September 200709/15/2007UK5
Episode dated 22 September 200709/22/2007UK3
Episode dated 29 September 200709/29/2007UK2
Episode dated 13 October 200710/13/2007UK3
Episode dated 20 October 200710/20/2007UK4
Episode dated 27 October 200710/27/2007UK4
Episode dated 3 November 200711/03/2007UK5
Episode dated 10 November 200711/10/2007UK3
Episode dated 17 November 200711/17/2007UK4
Episode dated 24 November 200711/24/2007UK4
The Final Conversation12/16/2007UK7
Episode dated 22 December 200712/22/2007UK1